How To Show Recently Edited Pages On User Profile With Enlil Page List

For this tutorial, I'm going to guide you through how I placed the "Recently Edited Docs" list on my profile.  It displays a handfull of the last documentation pages I've edited.  Find a link to my profile on any GenetiConcrete docs page.  My Block settings are in parenthesis...


  1. Put the Profile Page into Edit Mode.
  2. Place an Enlil Page List Block into the Main Area.
  3. Set number of pages to display. ( 5 )
  4. Choose Page Types. ( Package Doc )
  5. Set an appropriate Location. ( Everywhere )
  6. Set Sort to "Recent Mod First".
  7. Lots to choose from in the Options Tab, depending how many pages you show and whether you paginate etc.  ( I've opted to simply display Page Names )
  8. Jump to Filters > Other Tab and select to Filter By User.
  9. Choose "Profile User" & Choose "Last Updated By User" Filter.
  10. Save the Enlil Page List & Publish the Profile Page.