Enlil Page List Versions


  • Fix FullText Keyword Search and Sort
  • Fix bugs in Attribute Sort where Attributes have been removed
  • Implement option to Exclusively Include or Exclude Exernal Links.
  • Add format to Page Name output (h1, h2, h3, etc)
  • Page Names can now be any Text Page Attribute (Fallback to Page Name)
  • Option to unlink Page Name
  • Option to not display Page Name
  • Dates displayed in lists can now be Page Date Updated, or any DateTime Page Attribute
  • Page Descriptions can now be any Plain or Rich Text Area Page Attribute
  • Keep new lines in description output for Page Description & Plain TextArea attributes
  • New "Options > List" & "Options > Page" Edit Interface Tabs
  • Fix encountered php8 issues
  • Exclude first X number of pages in list with new "Pages To Exclude" option
  • Includes new proprietary filterByPath() method to filter by path without removing external link pages when "display all child pages" is selected making external links fully functional for deep dive external link display.
  • Option to include read more "Button Link" using default text, or any Text Page Attribute, falling back to default text where Attribute is empty or not applied to page.
  • Filter Page List by Page Name and Text Attributes using Shell Wildcard Patterns (*, ?)
  • New 'Not Null' & 'Not Empty' Attribute Filter Options
  • Optionally display Page List Title, from default text or any Text Page Attribute from Current Page
  • Optionally display Button Link, from default text or any Text Page Attribute from Current Page


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