Docs: Enlil Page List

Pages & Location

Set Up Number Of Pages, Page Types & Parent Location

List Options

Set Up Basic List Options

Page Options

Set Up Basic List & Page Options

Filter By: Date

Set Up Date Filters - Before, After & Between

Filter By: Topic

Set Up Topic Filters - Filter By Specific Topics

Filter By: Checkbox

Filter Dynamically By Any Checkbox Attribute(s)

Filter By: Select

Filter Dynamically By Any Select Attribute(s)

Filter By: Number

Filter Dynamically By Any Number Attribute(s)

Filter By: Text

Filter Dynamically By Any Text Attribute(s)

Filter By: TextArea

Filter Dynamically By Any TextArea Attribute(s)

Filter By: User

Set Up User Filter - Current, Select, Profile, Author, Attribute

Filter By: Children

Set Up Child Filters - Less Than, Greater Than, Equal To

Filter By: Keywords

Set Up Keyword Filters - Search Query, Text Input