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  1. Select Number Of Pages To Display.
  2. Select Number Of Pages To Exclude From Beginning Of List. (Optional)
  3. Select Page Types, Templates & Themes To Display. *
  4. Select External Link Option. **
  5. Select Location & Optional Child, System & Unapproved Page Options. ***


* Page Type, Template & Theme Options

  • Select Specific Types, Templates & Themes To Display Those Types, Templates & Themes ONLY
  • Unselect all for true "All" (New Page Types, Templates & Themes Are Automatically Added To The List)


** External Link Options:

  • Include
  • Include Exclusive (Only Show External Links In Page List)
  • Exclude


*** Location Options:

  • Everywhere
  • Beneath Current Page
  • At The Current Level
  • Beneath Another Page (Select Page)
  • Include All Child Pages (Not Applicable To Everywhere Option)
  • Include System & Unapproved Page Options For Displaying Dashboard & Draft Pages Respectively




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