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  1. Exclude Current Page
  2. Shuffle Pages
  3. Ignore Permissions
  4. Display Aliases
  5. Show List Info
  6. Display Pagination, With Option To Canonicalize Each Page For SEO
  7. Sort Order *
  8. Display List Title **
  9. Display View All Link ***
  10. No Results Message ****


* Sort Order Options

  • Sitemap Order
  • Sitemap Order Reverse
  • Alphabetical
  • Alphabetical Reverse
  • Collection ID
  • Collection ID Reverse
  • Date Published Newest
  • Date Published Oldest
  • Date Modified Newest
  • Date Modified Oldest
  • Date Created Newest
  • Date Created Oldest
  • Page Attribute (Text, Number & DateTime) (Alpha/Numeric/Chrono & Reverse)


** List Title Options

  • Default Text Or Any (Current Page) Text Page Attribute


*** View All Link Options

  • Default Text Or Any (Current Page) Text Page Attribute
  • Link Page By Page Selector Or Any (Current Page) Page Selector Attribute
  • Add Class For Button Style


**** No Results Message

  • Default Text Or Any (Current Page) Plain/Rich TextArea Page Attribute




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