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  1. Display Page Thumbnails *
  2. Display Page Names **
  3. Display Page Dates ***
  4. Display Page Actions ****
  5. Display Page Descriptions *****
  6. Display Button Link ******


* Page Thumbnails

  • Select Any Image/File Page Attribute Meant To Contain Images (Core Uses "thumbnail")
  • Choose Default Image To Use When Attribute Is Empty Or Not Applied To Page
  • Size, Crop & Link Thumbs


** Page Names

  • Display Page Name Or Any Text Page Attribute
  • Optional Page Name Format (h1, h2, h3 etc)
  • Default Page Name Input, "(Untitled)", For Pages That Can Exist With No Name (Drafts)
  • Option To Unlink Page Name


*** Page Dates

  • Display Page Date Published, Page Date Modified, Or Any DateTime Page Attribute
  • Optional DateTime Format (default: M j, Y, g:i A)
  • Optional Date Format (h1, h2, h3 etc)
  • Option To Link Date


**** Page Actions

  • Display Core Conversation Count


***** Page Descriptions

  • Display Page Description, Or Any Text Area Page Attribute (Plain Or Rich Text)
  • Option To Preserve New Lines In Output For Page Description & Plain Text Attribute output
  • Option To Truncate Page Description & Plain Text Attribute Output To Full Word Or Character


****** Button Link

  • Default Text Or Any Text Page Attribute
  • Add Class For Button Style




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